Tzuyu and jungkook relationship

Tzuyu and jungkook relationship

BTS has had a great year in and is expected to continue in the best way, its success could be because the boys really focus on their careers and have a great fandom that supports them. However, many times the focus is diverted from their music or individual projects and the media involve idols in rumors about their private life with things taken out of context.

Tzuyu's first boyfriend?

Does Taehyung really have a girlfriend? This is what we know. It all started because, apparently, they had some interactions at some events or crossed some looks. Although Taehyung does not have a girlfriend, or at least for the moment, several BTS fans prefer not to invade his privacy or create false rumors about his life, but ensure that he is fully entitled to fall in love like any other.

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tzuyu and jungkook relationship

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University Cleverly Uses BTS’s Jungkook And TWICE’s Tzuyu To Promote Social Distancing

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Don't believe me? They say there's a thin line between love and hate. Betch i'm like super certain that nayeon is dating or is in an mu with one of them bangtan boys lol. We have placed cookies on your device to help make this website better.

You can adjust your cookie settingsotherwise we'll assume you're okay to continue. Archived This topic is now archived and is closed to further replies. Which Twice and BTS member will be cought in a relationship in ?

By TeamCozzyDecember 6, in Random bts twice. It will be the most iconic couple in kpop.

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Recommended Posts. Posted December 6, Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. Jimin and Jeongyeon. Hopefully not Tzuyu Tzuyu and Jungkook.

We'll get official statements right after jimin and jeongyeon fist fight. Jimin and Jeongyeon of course. The love hate relationship is pretty cute. Why is this even a question? Jimin and Jeongyeon, obviously.

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Ok ok ok Not gonna happen. I more worry to chaeyoung Jimin and jungyeon will be caught in a rival relationship. Expect a fist fight in Nayeon x RM. JiminxJeongyeon is real will be the best thing in !! They will be so freakin cute with contrast image and personality hahaha. Go To Topic Listing. Sign In Sign Up. Important Information We have placed cookies on your device to help make this website better. I accept.By SnatchedDecember 31, in Random.

How probable would it be for them to have hooked up with or been interested in one another romantically? They match in terms of visuals.

Tzuyu is in my opinion the prettiest girl in Kpop right now Irene is close but Tzuyu is honestly a wall and Jungkook is easily a very attractive person, he is hot as fuck and Tzuyu is beautiful and known for her body, so physical attraction would match unless neither of them are straight or bi, but let's just assume they are both attracted to each other in this hypothetical scenario since sexuality is a different and more complex discussion. I don't know Twice well enough to answer for Tzuyu I think Jungkook has a soft spot for people like Jimin and V who are very pure, sweet, soft, gentle, kind, friendly and outgoing.

Jungkook really likes IU, who matches this criteria as well, but he mostly likes IU for her musical genius and artistry and has more 'fanboy' feelings than real romantic feelings is my guess, who knows, maybe he does feel more to her than just fanboy infatuation. Tzuyu is mine. According to some Onces, Tzuyu is reserved and mischiveous, which does match Jungkook but based on Jungkook's ideal types he likes more outgoing, friendly, but sweet and 'cute' types Tzuyu is cute but I mean personality-wise, Tzuyu seems more edgy than cute you know?

You are always welcome. I don't evenn think they match visually. Both are pretty and handsome but I think their visual are way different from each other. As for personality-wise it can go either way. I mean you don't really need to have a similar personality to get along with someone. Aside from the fact that Tzuyu is still underaged while Jungkook is an adult, I don't know if they'd match.

Tzuyu said repeatedly that she's not the type to approach others, that a guy needs to confess first so she could only match with someone bold enough to ask her out.

Tzuyu herself is quite introverted, she doesn't open easily to strangers and is actually quiet when she doesn't know her surroundings so the guy would need to be quite assertive and fearless to talk to her. By the way, her ideal type a guy who loves puppies, loves her more than she loves him LOL and is filial.

No one will ever know. Their personality on camera might not even be their real personality. So no one will ever know whether their personality will clash or not. Also, visuals is subjective. They might find one another ugly etc, we will never know. If in any case they hook up or get together. Good for them, if not Both hot, both tanned, he has a quircky, easy going and fun personality; while she is shy well behaved and kind. HM I generally don't think they hook up with Idols more like I don't know normal people Wouldn't hooking up with idols be risky?

It is but at least you know they won't leak it whereas thirsty non celebrities might leak pictures for attention LOL prostitutes are even more risky. If you get caught, you'll ruin your image, lose your fans and end up like Se7en. I can see why people might think they would match, but in my opinion they're both way too shy to even ask each other out.

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tzuyu and jungkook relationship

We have placed cookies on your device to help make this website better.Jungkook and tzuyu have a gf bf so many proof. Both tzuyu and jungkook are the youngest members of the respective groups. On account of the rising popularity of bts many rumors have been preaching that manhood bts dating or having a boyfriend, such as jungkook. The the above answers are old nowjungkook is dating and he ha girlfriend not just now but from many days infact years.

tzuyu and jungkook relationship

A post shared by jungkook bts. His trainee exgirlfriend: ko so hyun aroundrumors surfaced saying that he was in a relationship with a trainee girl. There's already rumors that bts's jungkook and twice's sana are secretly dating, but netizens dig up more evidence of the possible k pop couple the sakook couple first began when the two idols were co hosting as special mcs for "music core".

Tzukook is real!!! Read 02 from the story my best friend boyfriend tzuyu x jungkook by pretty hub with 2, reads. Read 01 from the story my best friend boyfriend tzuyu x jungkook by pretty hub with 2, reads. Tzuyu and jungkook are dating or dated this year?

TZUYU's someone special? is she in a relationship? is she dating someone? who is it????

Browse through and read or take jungkook boyfriend stories, quizzes, and other creations. Skip to content.Thanks to a Malaysian university, they included Jungkook and Tzuyu in a creative way to promote social distancing among their students. With education being a valuable tool, universities around the world have chosen to either hold classes online or take precautions for students to continue attending in-person.

Among those doing the latter, Sunway University has come up with a clever way for students to enjoy following the safety of social distancing. Through their Instagram account, they uploaded a photo of a classroom. They even placed a second standee in another area of the university. They gave Jungkook the same treatment. While Jungkook was in the third row, right in the center of the classroom photo, his standee was also spotted in another area of the university.

Our team of Social Distancing Companions have been briefed and are now on duty around the MostHappeningCampus to keep you company as we continue practicing social distancing. Who is your social distancing companion today? Take a photo and tag us on Facebook or Instagram to share how fun social distancing can be!

Stay safe, Sunwayians and see you around campus! View this post on Instagram. Share This Post Facebook.Chou Tzu-yu, better known as Tzuyu, is a Taiwanese singer born on June 14, She was born in Tainan, Taiwan. Tzuyu got into a controversy when she waved a Taiwanese flag Republic of China on stage.

The act sparked outrage in China and she later came out to apologize. They must wait three years after debuting to finally have relationships. Tzuyu is concentrating on her career and studies. She probably does not have the time for dating. A light rumor of Tzuyu dating B.

I, a rapper from Korean group iKON, spread a while back. However, it turns out that it was fake, and the rumor died down quickly. The 17 year old singer and member of TWICE has these conditions for her ideal type: someone who is understanding, likes puppies, and understands the importance of filial piety. Lastly, she is looking for someone that can respect her parents. This is possibly what she requires most. Tzuyu has not said much about marriage. The young singer who was surrounded with lots of controversy is more concerned about her career now.

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She is not very outspoken about her love affairs. She prefers to be rather silent and keep it low when it comes to her love affairs. Not much is said about Tzuyu by her fans on her relationships. Her fans are much concerned about her career now.

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